Awesome Beo Play H3 and H6 Headphones by Bang & Olufsen

Already convinced about the high quality of all Bang & Olufsen product? Then you will be pleased to learn that they have launched two new headphone models, both developed together with Jakob Wagner, a talented industrial designer from Denmark. Merging an exquisite design with the brand’s signature sound quality, these sets are irresistible to any stylish music lover.

Dubbed BeoPlay H3 and BeoPlay H6, they were developed after extensive research and studies of the various shapes and curves of the human ear. The results are truly impressive: perfectly comfortable and ergonomic earbuds and over-year cups.

The H3 in-ear headphones are equipped with new Micro Bass Ports and a 10.8mm drivers, snugly fitted inside high-grade solid aluminum unibody frames, each one made of one single block of metal. Featuring multiple tiny perforations for ventilation, the earbuds are available in red, light grey and charcoal colors.

Moving on to the 230g (8.11 ounces) H6 over-ear headphones, things get a little more luxurious and impressive. For excellent sound, they are fitted with 40mm drivers. With these you will enjoy a balanced bass and treble sound, as well as an absolutely clear midrange. Material-wise, the H6 flaunts anodized aluminum and comfy memory foam for the cups. For extra comfort, New Zealand-sourced cowhide leather was used for the part that touches you ears.

Interested buyers should find the new BeoPlay H3 and H6 headphones in all Bang & Olufsen stores, as well as Apple retails stores, staring next month (May). They will be priced at $345 for the in-ear H3 version, and $520 for the H6 model.




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