Awesome Apple Watch Styling By Hermes

Awesome Apple Watch Styling By Hermes 2

Say what you will about Apple and its devices, but you have to admit that they look pretty good. Still, even though not many people complained about the Apple Watch’s aesthetics, the famed company joined hands with Hermes in order to create what’s possibly the best-looking Apple Watch. We’re talking about the Double Buckle Cuff in Swift and Epsom calfskin leather, which was inspired by a Hermes sandal design envisioned by Pierre Hardy.

Awesome Apple Watch Styling By Hermes 1

The piece will come in colors such as Etoupe, Bleu Agate and Rose Jaipur, all of which are breathtaking in their own way. As for the watch itself, we’re talking about the Apple Watch Series 2, which boasts features such as an improved display, a dual-core processor, GPS, a water resistance of 164 feet and watchOS® 3. This special Hermes timepiece will become available in two case sizes, namely 38mm and 42mm.

Awesome Apple Watch Styling By Hermes 2 Awesome Apple Watch Styling By Hermes 2 Awesome Apple Watch Styling By Hermes 4

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