Aspid Promises Unrivalled Experience with the GT-21 Invictus

Some of you may remember the gorgeous Aspid Super Sport concept car unveiled by its Spanish manufacturer back in 2008. If you were impressed by that project, then you will certainly adore this new one, called the Aspid GT-21 Invictus. Larger, better looking, and more powerful then the aforementioned concept, the new car is a stunner in every respect.

For extra performance, extra safety and less weight, the supercar was made of aerospace-grade aluminum, ultra light steel and composites. It is based on the same chassis as the Super Sport, and it is reportedly the world’s first semi-open-wheel GT 2+2 in the world, but official confirmation of this fact is still needed.

Weighing only 2,200 lbs, the 450hp supercar can run from 0 to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds before reaching its maximum speed of 189 mph. Aspid will only produce 250 examples, and we don’t expect to see two identical units, as the option list is incredibly long: over 100 extra features to choose from. Customization goes as far as handling and geometry changes for each buyer.

Aspid founder and chief designer Ignacio Fernández Rodriquez said that the company aims to offer an unrivalled experience for each of its customers, one that they will instantly fall in love with. He described this experience as “more like the relationship experienced between a professional race driver and his race engineer and race team”, thus setting a new standard in the market.

And to make sure that each customer is fully satisfied with the automaker’s services, Aspid will invite the owners of the Invictus to check on the process of construction and customization. Now that’s what we call “a unique and unforgettable experience”!

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