Ashton Kutcher Buys an Outstanding Hollywood Hills Mansion

The good-looking and very charismatic Ashton Kutcher has moved on with his life after his divorce from Demi Moore, and he decided to continue his new life in a new home. And what a home that is! We’re talking about the same luxury residence that he rented on several occasions during the divorce, and which is a stunning 9,385-square-foot contemporary house with five bedrooms and eight baths.

Located in the Hollywood Hills, the single-family open-plan residence offers breathtaking views of the lovely surroundings and the Hollywood lake through its huge glass walls on all levels.  Set on a half-acre property, the residence boasts some truly impressive amenities, including a gym, a movie theater, a bar area, an infinity pool, a massage room, and a 2-people tub in the main bathroom.

The price of the property had been changed for a couple of times before Ashton Kutcher finally bought it this spring. Built in 2006, the residence had an initial price of $12 million, but later this sum dropped down to $10.8 million. Finally, as no one seemed to be willing to pay all that money for the mansion, the Two and a Half Men star managed to secure the purchase for only $3.64 million!

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