Armored Security Vehicle from BMW for the Prince of Whales

For safe and comfortable transportation, the Prince of Whales and his Duchess of Cornwall have sought the expertise of a German automobile manufacturer, and not a British one. Apparently BMW has everything they might need in a royal car: comfort, luxury, and excellent safety systems.

Consequently, experts are now working on a customized armor-plated security vehicle worth $464,000. The car is said to share some features with the 7-Series High Security model that was unveiled in 2011. The project is still in its testing phase, but its makers are not reluctant to name it the ultimate security car. They have dubbed it the “uber technical land yacht” – if you can wrap your head around the concept.

It is expected to be equipped with various anti-bomb, anti-kidnapping, and anti-poisonous-gas systems that are meant to offer protection from a variety of criminal actions. The anti-terrorism device works by starting the engine via remote control from 150 yards (450 ft), thus keeping away from any key-activated explosions. There is also a gas detector inside the vehicle, which activates the central locking system and ensures breathable air from an oxygen supply.

Of course, the list continues with other intricate safety systems, such as an anti-kidnap remote locking device, and removable bulletproof windscreens, but the common people will never know exactly what and how many safety technologies the car will use.