Apple CEO Tim Cook Is the New Best Paid CEO in America

A recent Wall Street Journal survey has revealed the name of the new best paid CEO in America. The latest top is very interesting, starting with the first person on the list, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Not only does he top the list, but he does this grandiosely. He is actually $300+ million ahead of person #2 (Larry Ellison of Oracle).

Apparently, Cook’s total compensation in 2011 was a staggering $378 million, which is a little over $1 million per day. Even though his annual salary and annual incentives brought him only 90 cents (one dollar minus taxes) each, the aforementioned huge amount of money came from restricted stock grants based on Apple share prices.

If you think this is huge, wait to see what 2012 will bring in Cook’s pockets! Apple shares have grown by 29 % in the year to date, and they keep climbing, meaning that Apple’s CEO will probably earn considerably more this year than he did in 2011.

Tim Cook


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