Another Stunning Batmobile: The Wiesmann MF5 Black Bat

What does this beast look like to you? Obviously, a Batmobile. Aptly named the Wiesmann MF5 Black Bat, the car was customized by SchwabenFolia and Dhaler. The partnership resulted in a dangerously good looking ride, powered by a threatening upgraded V-10.

Much fierce than the base car, the Black Bat boasts a 600-hp output, a new exhaust, and six-piston Brembo calipers, among other modifications. The exterior owes its appeal to the matte black coating, the black BBS 20-inch alloys with polished rims, and the blacked out chrome touches. We love everything about it, inside and outside. The only thing we’re not exactly sure about is the red Batman logo on the back.

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