Angelina Jolie Jewelry Collection by Robert Procop

Angelina Jolie is famous for her good deeds, and she recently found a new way to raise money for her charitable foundation called the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict: co-designing a new line of high-end jewels. The collection was designed together with Robert Procop, the same jeweler who helped Brad Pitt create the engagement ring for Angelina.

The elegant jewels will be displayed in France, at the Grand Hotel in Cap Ferrat, and in Monaco at the Hotel de Paris. The exhibition will start on July 15 and it will end on August 15, giving people a whole month of opportunities to admire the Style of Jolie Collection.

A very special visit from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt themselves will make this exhibition even more interesting, and it will probably bring lots of busy paparazzi to the south of France this upcoming summer. Proceeds from the sale will go towards the aforementioned EPCC foundation, the one that has recently managed to build a school in Afghanistan.

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