Andy Warhol Self-Portrait May Fetch $40 Million

This self-portrait of Andy Warhol is one of the last paintings he ever created. Six moths before he died, this red-on-black work of art was unveiled at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery in London. It is a nine-foot painting from 1986.

Amy Cappellazzo of Christie’s describes the piece as “a work that shifted art history” and she underlines the fact that since all the other examples are safely kept in museums, to buy this painting is a true privilege. The self portrait (painted on canvas with acrylic and silkscreen) is expected to fetch up to $40 million, thus breaking the current record for a Warhol self-portrait, which is of $32.6 million. The most expensive Warhol sold at auction was the $71.7 million “Green Car Crash”.

Andy Warhol Self-Portrait May Fetch $40 Million

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