Andy Warhol Masterpieces Offered by Christie’s Online

Christie’s will soon offer an incredible collection of original Andy Warhol masterpieces as part of a huge online sale. No less than 125 creations – photographs, paintings, drawings – will be purchasable via Internet, which gives every interested bidder the opportunity to participate in the event, no matter where they are. This very democratic manner of selling Warhol’s works is consistent with his art and spirit.

The lots vary in value from $600 to as much as $70,000, but the actual bidders may be willing to splurge even more on their favorite pieces of modern art. Christie’s chairwoman of Post-War and Contemporary Development, Amy Cappellazzo is confident that the iconic artist would have loved the idea of a global internet sale. She sais “Andy would have loved the Internet. He would have loved the idea that his works could be distributed far and wide and that anyone who wanted one, could get one because bringing the works to an online format will allow anyone with a credit card to buy it.”

The star of the auction will be a 1964 Campbell’s Chicken with Rice Soup, which is a concrete-filled tin soup can that is expected to fetch between $50,000 and $70,000. Warhol’s canned soup creations are world famous and many diehard collectors would love to own one of these remarkable pieces.

Also noteworthy is a T-shirt imprinted with a silkscreen image of the artist’s Self-Portrait in Fright Wig (estimated at $20,000), a 1986 Polaroid Self-Portrait ($25,000), and a lithograph inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s sultry lips, called I Love Your Kiss Forever Forever ($5,000). Money from the sale will be directed to the Andy Warhol Foundation, which supports non-profit art associations and artists alike.

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