Anderson Germany’s Menacing Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano

Dusseldorf-based tuning company Anderson Germany has recently completed a new outstanding project: they made a Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano even more irresistible than it already was. Both the inside and the outside of the supercar were modified, using plenty of new carbon fiber elements and an alluring combination of red and black carbon leather.

The center console, the gear shifter, the door handles, and the door sills have been swapped with new, and much lighter versions, made of carbon fiber. The red and black color scheme of the interior is reflected on the dark exterior, with red stripes running over the top of the car.

While all this is very nice, what we love the most about the project is what Anderson did under the hood. Powering the beast is a V12 with an ECU software, capable of 674 horsepower. With a new sports exhaust, the tuned Ferrari can complete the 0-62 mph challenge in just a little over 3 seconds. Check out the photos below for a better look at Anderson’s masterpiece.

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