Ambitious Project in Panama: The Ocean Reef Islands

Artificial islands are becoming an increasingly popular trend among luxury aficionados. Dubai is already world famous for its Palm Island(s) and we’re sure you also know about the plans of making an entire archipelago of artificial islands like a map of the world, called…well The World, of course.

Now it’s Panama’s turn to become famous with a similar project. This time we are not talking about a specific shape of the islands, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. The Ocean Reef Islands Project costs $300 million, and it is funded by Ingenieros Civiles Asociados. Grupo Los Pueblos will be the builder.

Two artificial islands will be made with 200,000 square meters of land, all destined for luxury properties. Both islands near Punta Pacifica will be divided into residential lots of up to 1533.73 square meters. The residents of the two islands will be able to visit each other by simply traversing one of the two 160 meters long bridges.

Artificial islands,luxury,Ocean Reef Islands Project,PanamaArtificial islands,luxury,Ocean Reef Islands Project,PanamaAmbitious Project in Panama The Ocean Reef Islands

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