Amazing Yin Yang Couple Bath by Trautwein

Inspired by the Chinese Yin Yang concept, this luxury bathtub was designed specifically for couples. Bathing with your loved one is definitely one of the most romantic experiences ever, but sometimes a regular tub can get a little crammed with two people in it. The Yin Yang Couple Bath by Trautwein is a wonderful solution to that.

Both you and your partner can enjoy plenty of space and also personalized bathing experiences. You can share the relaxations, yet savor it in your own way, by choosing the program that you prefer. You have colored LED lights and 120 water and air nozzles at your disposal. Use them however you like and enjoy in the water temperature of your choice. Sound-wave massages will enhance the experience and will convince you that spending $55,000 on the bathtub was an excellent decision.