Amazing Vertical Fashion Show at the Revere Hotel Boston Common

It never ceases to amaze us just how ingenious people are when it comes to promoting their products and services. The latest example of extravagant advertising happened at the official opening of the newest independent luxury hotel in Boston, the Revere Hotel Boston Common. The important event was marked by a revolutionary fashion show, one in which the models relied on rappelling ropes to show off their outfits, as they climbed down the tall hotel building.

The vertical fashion show attracted lots of curious eyes, who were mesmerized by the action that took place on the 24-story vertical catwalk. The models were actually professional climbers from the Boston Rock Gym, which is located close to the hotel. These extremely courageous men and women presented the Revere Hotel Boston Common’s staff uniforms, which had been designed by talented student from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. They also modeled spring and summer Ted Baker London looks. Now this is what we call a Grand Opening!

[Revere Hotel]

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