Amazing MWE Emperor 200 Workstation for Rich Computer Geeks

MWE Emperor 200 is probably the world’s most awesome workstation, merging functionality with comfort, style and sophistication. Hand built to the customer’s requirements, it comes with a large touchscreen control center, electric powered seat, leather upholstery, and even an air filtering system. Clearly targeted towards rich consumers, its manufacturer suggested retail price is $49,150.

The Emperor 200 is available with PC or Apple systems, and its RECARO style Top line XL seat can hold people of up to 350 lbs. (158 kg). The workstation also includes a light therapy system, but if music works better for you, then you will definitely appreciate the Bose® Companion 5 audio system that features Acoustimass® module.

The electronic adjustments of the seat make it perfectly comfortable for any user: height, back rest, armrest, they can all be ergonomically adjusted. Even more, the entire machine can be tilted to as much as 17 degrees to ease back pressure. The podium can also move to change the orientation of the seat, rotating 360 degrees.

With three enclosed computer options, various color paint options (luxury car paint quality), and different monitor size choices, the Emperor 200 is also quite customizable. Its futuristic scorpion-inspired shape will definitely make it an awesome centerpiece in any room. After all, its makers describe it as “the most luxurious, stylish and advanced work environment available on earth”.

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