Amazing Full Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator

Car racing is incredibly fun in real life, and no computer game or advanced console can make up for the adrenalin rush it provides. But here is the closest thing to a real-life race: the Full Immersion Professional Racer’s Simulator. It is an incredible machine that can give you the thrills of driving on 57 fabled circuits, without any risk of injury!

Ever dreamt of pushing the pedal at Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or Daytona International Speedway? Now you can do that right from your home. The simulator will amaze you with its capacity to make you forget that you are not actually in a real racecar. It was designed together with the specialists that created the Ariel Atom sports car, so it is safe to expect an awesome gaming experience with it.

The screen was designed to wrap halfway around the gamer and replicate the exact peripheral vision that a racer has in its car: side mirrors, window net, and even passed cars. The gearbox is the same as the ones used in professional race vehicles – a sequential shift transmission. The chair will even move as you go over bumps on the road or as you take rapid turns, making you feel like really driving a supercar towards the finish line.

After you step inside the 552 pound machine, you can choose between 30 different famous racecars, and then hit the pedals for a really awesome experience. If you have $65,000 to spare, this is an excellent way to spend them.



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