Alysia Luxury Yacht

Alysia: 85.3 meters long, 18 luxury staterooms, 17 bedroom suites and one impressive maser suite with private deck, Jacuzzi, study, and a beautiful panoramic view. Anyone can have this vessel take them from place to place with a little money. Well, a little more money, actually: Alysia costs $900,000 per week!

You know that with that kind of money you can have almost any other yacht for a whole month. But it wouldn’t have its own movie theatre, a saloon with grand piano, a gym, a beauty salon, a business center, dedicated spa deck with Jacuzzi, a children’s play room, and a lift that can take you 21 meters (almost 69 feet) above the sea on a sun deck.

Now you understand why Camper & Nicholson’s Alysia is so expensive. She’s able to host up to 36 passengers and 34 crew members and has an impressive 7,000 nautical miles range.Alysia  Luxury Yacht

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