Almas Beluga Caviar – World’s Most Expensive Roe

Caviar is always associated with luxury, but there is one variety of this precious roe that surpasses all the others in terms of exclusivity and price. It is the pearly white variety of Beluga caviar, aptly named Almas, which means “Diamond” in Russian.

The reason behind its high value is the fact that the fish that produces it is a centennialBeluga sturgeonfrom the Caspian Sea.The older the fish, the lighter the color of the eggs is. Prices for this delicacy can go as high as £25,000 per kilogram, which is approximately $38,800 per 2.2 pounds.

If prices don’t really matter to you, then you can enjoy the silky and rich texture of the roe from a 24k gold tin, because this is how Almas will sell you the pea-sized eggs. So if you are looking for a plush culinary experience served with style, don’t hesitate to purchase your very own batch of the world’s most expensive caviar. And then enjoy it quickly, because the shelf life of these ‘edible pearls’ is short.

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