All NewA3 Cabriolet from Audi Unveiled in Frankfurt

Tomorrow, at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, auto enthusiasts will have the privilege of witnessing some really amazing debuts. Among the many automakers to bring their creations to the event is Audi, who will have more than one goodie to show off.

We’ve already told you about the awesome Sport Quattro concept, so now it’s time to introduce you to the fresh A3 Cabriolet, which is the fourth body style in the A3 family. The new convertible is meant to replace the old A3 Cabriolet and slot below the A5 Cabriolet, being larger (not taller, though) than its predecessor.

Inspired more by the new A3 sedan than the hatchback, the vehicle will feature Audi’s cool hydraulic roof mechanism which does its thing in only 18 seconds, and which completely hides the fabric roof behind the rear seats.

The German automaker will offer the new A3 convertible with Quattro all-wheel drive, which is a first, as you may already know. An even more exciting piece of news is that a 300 hpS3 convertible version (0-62 in 5.4 seconds) is also expected to follow soon. No word on US availability yet.