Airstream Luxury Caravans for Travelers With Style

Caravans are never boring, for the simple reason that they imply adventure and excitement, attributes that are never associated with normal houses.  In terms of design, however, they can sometimes be really dull, being focused on functionality more than on anything else. For those of you who want their caravans fun and exciting in terms of design and interiors, Airstream has got the best solutions!

Airstream is a luxury recreational vehicle company that was founded in 2008 by designers Darren Perry and Kathy Morrison. Their luxury caravans are fitted with designer furniture, state-of-the-art appliances, and top-notch technologies. Spacious enough to hold three beds and transport up to eight people in total comfort, the RVs flaunt luxe interiors with fine leather or expensive fabrics, and many other custom features.

The company offers different types of interiors to its customers. If what you are looking for is a dynamic, club-like ambiance, then you should go for the mesmerizing Lava Lamp Airstream. Obviously inspired by the inside of lava lamps, the interiors of this RV impress with color changing ceiling lights, remote-controlled mood lights, and even a top-notch surround sound system built into the ceiling. For an excellent party on the road, the vehicle is also fitted with a cocktail cabinet, a coffee machine, a popcorn machine, a slush puppy machine, a blender, an ice maker, wine storage, and a wine cooler.

Customization, however, is not all about club-like experiences. Airstream also offers Corporate Airstreams and Catering Airstreams for interested customers. Or, if you rather explore the country in a cozy home-like ambiance, you can opt for the Retro Airstream. You can learn more about all these on the company’s website.

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