The Aero-X Hoverbike Makes Science Fiction A Reality

Now this is definitely a product that many of us have been expecting to see for years. The Aero-X Hoverbike is not actually hovering above the ground using magnetism or some other strange force, but it is still able to carry up to 2 people at once at heights of up to 10 feet above the ground without effort.

The secret behind its levitating capabilities is based on a series of carbon fiber rotors that allow it to ascend and land vertically without needing any runway space whatsoever. The maximum speed that this thing can reach is 42 mph, which is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Created by a company called Aerofex, the Aero-X tips the scales at just 785 pounds and is perfectly capable of carrying up to 310 pounds.

As far as range is concerned, its makers stated that the hoverbike would be able to cover 75 miles with a full tank. Handling this thing should be a walk in the park after about 2 days worth of training, which is not a lot of time to invest considering that you could be looking at endless hours of hovering fun. Even though it is still in development, Aero-X has a big chance to become a reality in 2017, when it will be launched with an expected price tag of $85,000.





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