Aellamber by Masaharu-San – The Iconic Ducati

The first edition of the Ducati Scramble was an undeniable success. Therefore, the appearance of the 2nd edition was a must. But there’s definitely only one build that is really special and stands out from the crowd – a truly beautiful thing under the name of Aellamber.

Masaharu-San, the master craftsman from Aella Japan is responsible for the creation of this concept that focuses on bodywork complemented by Midas’ touch.

This bike’s curves were created using 3D modeling techniques and are a perfect addition to the special hand-applied golden leaf finish.

The technical side looks great at well. The construction includes a L-twin engine that features some modifications such as the replacement of the electronic fuel injection with two 39 mm FCR carburetors and a set of velocity stacks and machined intakes.

Masaharu-san published the entire build process on his website but all the info is in Japanese.

Riding this golden bike around town will get you the attention you want, but in our opinion, this gem would be better off in a museum or a personal collection that if you can afford it.

What do you think about this golden beauty? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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