Adidas Originals for David Beckham by James Bond

James bond, David Beckham and Adidas. What an awesome combination this is! Adidas Originals and Beckham already have a history together, and a pretty successful one too. Now the world famous sports clothing manufacturer has released a freshly revamped model, the ZX800 for David Beckham, designed together with James Bond. No, it’s not the secret agent that helped create the footwear, but the co-founder of Undefeated.

Bond’s undefeated expertise in footwear design brought the ZX800 model to a new level of awesomeness. Flaunting a slimmed down silhouette, the sneakers are available in black and tan premium oiled leather. The matching laces enhance their visual appeal, and the gold foil Adidas logo on the tongue is a testimony of their high pedigree. The insole is embossed with David Beckham’s name. Currently available at Kith NYC, the new ZX800 model is priced at $180.

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