Add Luxury Clothing to Your Wardrobe on a Budget with These Tips

Style is an important factor, and many business owners take a lot of pride in how they look. It makes a good first impression and often times in industries like real estate or finance and sales, any time you are meeting someone for the first time you want them to get the impression that you are well put together and successful.

Clothes can make a huge impact on that impression, so dressing well is key. Designer brands look great and the ‘name’ also adds to the look and image you portray.

A lot of time and effort goes into looking good, dieting, losing weight, and for many, clothes are the finishing touch. But, many entrepreneurs want to dress the part but simply don’t have the budget. After all, money is best spent reinvested into your business, so saving money on clothes is a smart strategy.

Here are some tips to add nice clothes to your wardrobe at a fraction of the cost.

Shop on the second hand apps.

There are a lot of apps that allow consumers to list clothing items to sell or trade. You can often find gently used versions of designer clothes for a small fraction of the original price. “There are many people that sell items they received as gifts on the clothing apps,” says Karen Anderson of The Probate Law House. “While they might not like them, it could be exactly what you are looking for.”

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The great thing about these apps is that the people are usually always willing to negotiate. Search locally so you can meet up and avoid long travel and commute. The shorter you have to travel the lower the cost. It doesn’t help if you have to drive 20 minutes to save a few dollars.

Check eBay for closeouts.

A lot of e-commerce stores will turn to eBay when it comes time to liquidate inventory. These online stores have to often clean out existing inventory to free up cash to purchase new lines and releases.

You will want to search for the name brands you like along with keywords like ‘closeout’ or ‘liquidation’ to find the best deals. If you happen to come across a store that has a large inventory of a brand you like you can often negotiate a deal to buy large amounts.

“Don’t be afraid to low ball, as the worst they can say is no and it gives you a good idea of where their floor is in terms of price,” suggests Darryl Howard of Blogger Tips. “You will often find that they are willing to blow items out at reduced prices to quickly clear inventory as they need to make room, and receive the funding for new product.”

Search Facebook marketplace locally.

Facebook marketplace has turned into a goldmine for local offers. The great thing about Facebook is that it lets you really narrow down the available products by area, and it’s simple to search in a small 10 mile radius of your location.

This way anything you see that is of interest is a quick drive away. “You won’t find many businesses selling off items this way, but it can be a great source of finding some high-end luxury brands at an affordable cost,” says Pat Skinner of AnswerFirst Communications. “I was able to score a designer jacket that was worn just once for a small fraction of the cost. It was a deal I couldn’t pass up.”

Become friendly with discount outlet employees.

Most luxury brands, like LV, Gucci, etc. all have discount outlets. This is where you can score brand new clothing items at a major discount. They are often out of season or the previous line release, but quality and brand new, nonetheless.

These stores are not everywhere, so they usually require some travel. They also don’t list their inventory online, so you need to go there in person. “The best thing you can do is to make friends with employees there and make sure they know what you like,” says Ignacio Soria of CANN & Co. “They can then text you pictures of new items that come in that they think you will like.”

If they get paid a commission you will find that they are likely to be willing to do this as it increases their sales.

Be open to last season’s line.

If you are willing to wear last year’s pattern ort design then you can save a lot of money and wear designer brands at a fraction of the cost. All stores will usually have a discount rack in the corner that is packed full of deals.

The truth is, most people will only see the brand name and won’t even know whether or not the item of clothing was released 6 months ago or two years ago. “Closeouts are often marked down by 60 to 80 percent,” says Irene McConnell, a professional resume writer with Arielle Executive. This is an easy way to get brand new items at the lowest possible cost.

Frequent designer’s social media accounts for deals and offers.

When a clothing brand has a discount or special offer to announce (usually to blow out overstock) where do they turn? Social media. It gives them instant access to an audience that already buys their items.

“A lot of the top brands will reward their followers with discounts and social offers,” says Pedro Del Nero of Vaporizer Vendor. “They know that if they offer exclusive deals that are hard to pass, their followers will then spread that news among their friends, which leads to more people following the company on social media. It’s an intelligent strategy.”

So, putting a special offer in front of them not only costs them nothing, but it also results in a fast sell out. Give the brand you like to wear a follow. You never know when they are going to roll out a special deal that could help add to your wardrobe and not break the bank in the process.

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