Acura NSX Concept

A while back we mentioned that the Acura NSX was one of those rides that true car lovers should drive at least once in their lifetime. The outstanding Japanese car enjoyed a huge success during the early 1990s, boasting numerous innovative technologies and a very appealing exotic design.

Now Honda’s luxury division is finally ready to show us a new NSX Concept meant to make our pupils dilate with interest. The car is said to boast an “extremely favorable power-to-weight ratio”, ensured by some very serious body and powerplant changes.

What really impresses us is Acura’s decision to make this supercar a nature-friendly vehicle. While the NSX concept keeps the original mid-mounted V6 engine, it also features three electric motors to help with the extra power and torque needed for a truly impressive performance. The car will also keep its rear-wheel drive configuration, but the driver will be able to switch to an all-wheel drive configuration by activating two of the electric engines and sending some positive or negative torque to the front wheels.

There is no word yet on how much power the hybrid vehicle will boast, but we do know that it will definitely impress us. The production version is expected to be launched in three years, as a car that “must respond positively to environmental responsibilities”, like Honda Motor Co. president and CEO Takanobu Ito said.

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