A Toilet for Birthday!

What’s the craziest gift you’ve ever received? We actually don’t want to hear the answer because we fear it might be too shocking. But here’s what American Idol host Ryan Seacrest got from his best friend: a $6,000 toilet! The media magnate’s birthday was on December 24, last year and his friend Laurence surprised him by having a luxury toiled installed in his personal bathroom.

When Seacrest got home he was thrilled to find the amazing Neorest 550 automatic toilet from Toto already installed for him. Perfectly combining luxury and ecology, the Neorest 550 has got a night light, hands-free automatic flush, energy saver timer, automatic open/close lid, integrated warm air dryer, a purifying system and many more. We never thought we’d ever say this, but we actually envy the man for their toilet!

A Toilet for Birthday - Ryan Seacrest - American Idol


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