A Quick Guide to Planning Your Engagement Party

There’s no doubt that planning for an engagement party can be a stressful time – after you’ve managed to process all of the excitement from the proposal itself, your mind will invariably float to the big bash you’ll need to host to announce it! An engagement party is more than an announcement of a very special thing – it’s also an excellent reason to get your most loved friends and family together to share the next step of your new life. Planning the actual event can be very overwhelming, though, and ideas and comparisons are likely rushing through your mind every few minutes. There are ways to make it easier, though – in this article, we take a little look into engagement party planning to give you a head start. 

Where to begin with planning your engagement party

So, you’ve found the perfect custom engagement rings from Melbourne and have notified all of your friends – but what should the next step be? The first step to planning an engagement party should be working out what kind of venue you want. People’s tastes will typically dictate the kind of venue they’re after as well as the tone of the whole thing. Choosing a venue that reflects the personality and style of you and your partner will typically yield different results to most other couples – one couple might opt for a casual, laidback party at a brewery, while another couple might decide on a lavish outdoor occasion. Regardless of where you want to go, you’ll need to start contacting venues or organising to hire outdoor spaces and seating. Choosing a venue will also get you thinking about al of the wonderful decorations you can apply to impart even more of your personality onto the venue.  

Don’t forget these bits!

Finally, having a photographer is a must for an engagement party. Even if you believe that you can remember it all, you should know that with all of the running around, talking, eating and drinking you do, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be too overwhelmed to remember a lot of the great little bits from the day. Photos are an excellent way to jog your memory, and represent an excellent investment, and there’s nothing like seeing professional photos where you’re wearing your engagement rings! With all of this running through your mind, you might now want to design and send out your invitations. Your invitations should reflect your event, so you can incorporate some of your design and style touches into what you’re sending out to your friends and family. For example, if you’re planning a relaxed garden wedding you might think about designing your invitations to be vibrant and fun. 

When should you set your date?

Whether you’ve just started contemplating, have all of the planning done, or at least after you develop a rough idea of what you want, planning the date of your engagement party will be completely up to you. You might decide to throw the party as soon as possible after the proposal or opt to have it at the very minimum nine months before the wedding date, but the rest is up to you. So, start researching and asking around to discover exactly what you want in an  engagement party!

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