A Peek at Virgin Galactic’s Spacecraft

There are plenty of exciting places to visit on Earth, but nothing compares to a short trip into the space. Forget about luxury destinations like Dubai or exotic island resorts in the Caribbean. Space is the new most exciting “place” to visit.

Richard Scott from BBC was the first journalist to have entered the commercial spaceship that will take tourism to a whole new level. As the video shows, the craft is far from being finished yet, but we hope Virgin Galactic will complete the project in a couple of years.

The craft’s cabin measures seven and a half feet in diameter and it has got enough room for six passengers. During the flight they will have the opportunity to see the color of the sky change as they will go farther away from Earth and beyond our atmosphere.  Probably the most exciting part of the trip will be the five minutes in which passengers will have the chance to experience weightlessness.

Even though the price for a ticket is a pretty steep one (£125,000, or some $200,000), four hundred reservations have already been made, and our guess is more and more wealthy tourists will want to visit space in the near future. The space craft will probably be ready by 2013.

A Peek at Virgin Galactic’s Spacecraft

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