A Luxury Christmas Gift for Your Child

Almost everybody agrees that spoiling a child is not healthy for you or for the baby in the long run. But it’s quite difficult to resist the temptation, isn’t it? Especially when you have enough money to buy him the moon!

So here is another such temptation: made of sustainable rosewood, the Little Wooden Horse is a rocking toy crafted by artisans that have been making furniture as a family business for over 100 years now. It is a limited edition hand carved toy on a Georgian bow. The leather is hand stitched and vegetable-tanned.

The highly resistant bridle and saddle are adjustable and they can also be removed. The giver’s and recipient’s names, along with other data can be saved in a Time Capsule that comes with the rocking horse.

Now if you made up your mind and you have decided that it’s ok to spoil your child with this luxury rocker, than all that’s left to do is to be ready to pay the £850 ($1,375) for it.A Luxury Christmas Gift for Your Child

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