A List of 10 Irresistible Teen and Adult Books

We’ve got the perfect books to love for both teen and adults. Perfect for a family of bookworms, or gift ideas for the upcoming holidays. The books included in this list are fiction and nonfiction, from inspirational to fairy tales and folklore—take a look at our list of page-turning novels.

Teen Books:

The Last of Will

The Last of Will by Sheryl Benko follows teenager, Greer Sarazen who has her eyes set on a smooth-sailing spring break—without any unexpected surprises. But her wish is soon placed on the back burner when her father gets a job offer at a cemetery. As Greer accompanies her father on a road trip, alongside a container of ashes, they encounter a string of entertaining characters. Readers have called The Last of Will heartfelt, funny and endearing.

Monster on the Moors

Monster on the Moors by J.M. Kelly is the sequel to The Lost Treasure: A Bobbly Holmes Mystery. Bobby Holmes, his cousin, and mates face unlikely creatures—gypsies, Super Wolves, witches, mysterious strangers and a secret government. On a mission to find their missing friend, they become involved with a dangerous mystery in the North York Moors of England, and they are in too deep to turn back now.

The Queen of Nothing

The Queen of Nothing by the #1 New York Times Selling Author, Holly Black is the third book and the finale in The Folk of Air series.  It details the life of Jude, the exiled mortal Queen of Faerie. Despite Jude’s lack of authority and an unfortunate betrayal, she still has the desire to get even. To win this war, Jude must wander back into a familiar but hazardous territory, decide whether or not she will act upon an unstable partnership, and survive through curses and chaos among the land.

The Way the World Ends (The Evolution Gene Book 3)

Liz is not a normal teenager, she is genetically engineered—and she has lost everything. With an epidemic roaming the country, she is aware of its truth. And the government is on the hunt to keep her quiet. But there’s an army rising and she is their enemy. The Way the World Ends (The Evolution Gene Book 3) has been described as a combination of The Hunger Games and Maximum Ride.

Daughter of Shades (The Venatrix Chronicles Bo The Way the World Ends (The Evolution Gene Book 3)

The Daughter of Shades by Sylvia Mercedes details the journey of Ayleth—an apprentice to the Holy Order who believes her mentor has been stealing her memories. Ayleth desires to rid their world of wild spirits, and to free herself from her mentor, she participates in a competition to protect the crown. Daughter of Shades (The Venatrix Chronicles Book 1) is an Amazon #1 Best Seller.

Adult Books:

The Tracker Hive Academy

The Tracker Hive Academy by Avery Song is an Amazon Best Seller. It follows Jade Storm, the youngest Tracker. At eighteen, the headmaster—Alaric Masters, has suggested she join the academy.  But Jade has decided to join on her terms. With threats, schemes, traps and quadruplets ready to bring her trouble. She’s ready to protect herself and her secret at all costs.

This Ain’t My Life

This Ain’t Life My Life is an Amazon Best Seller based on a true story by Bilal Alaji. Bilal grew up Muslim. As a young boy and under his father’s guidance, Bilal finds himself headed down the wrong path. He learns that he must be resilient and rely on his faith to overcome the obstacles in his way. Bilal soon goes through divorces, criminal hearings, the loss of employments, and even the shelter system. He begins to speak against his circumstances by saying, This Ain’t My Life.

Billions at Play

Billions at Play by NJ Ayuk is an Amazon #1 International Best Seller and a #1 New Release.  For twenty years, NJ Ayuk has been negotiating oil and gas deals for Africa. In this book, NJ talks about the development of the energy industry in African countries, and mutual, beneficial relationships with oil and gas investors. African countries are being predicted to be a powerful leader in the energy sector—when more marginal, strong oil and gas developments are put in place, they will be strong force to be reckoned with.

Straight Outta Tombstone

Straight Outta Tombstone is a Weird Wild West Amazon best-selling anthology. It features seventeen western-themed stories with twists—demons, aliens, and soul-sucking ghosts. Among the contributor authors is Naomi Brett Rourke. Her story: “Coyote,” which was featured in the anthology earned her a short story award.

 A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters

A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters is a horror fiction novel by David Ruggerio. It follows a young boy—William Willowsby who fights against evil forces in a small town: Brunswick New York. This book is filled with eerie settings, an abandoned mortuary, a spooky schoolhouse, and a creepy graveyard. The horror novel earned David Ruggerio two literary awards.

All books listed are available on Amazon. The formats will vary from Kindle to Hardcover and Paperback. Select choices may also be available on Audible.

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