A Guide to Proper Catholic Home Decorations

The Crucifix is an important element in any Catholic home and should be displayed prominently. This is a reminder of the sacrifice made by our Lord on the cross. The devil cannot withstand the power of the cross and one should be kept in each room of the house for best results. 

A home altar or a prayer corner

There are so many ways this can be done for both sanctimonious and aesthetic purposes. You could go with a full decorated mantel with a proper kneeler or simply a crucifix on the wall. 

The crucifix should be in a central part of the home as it is where we face when offering prayers with the family. It is easy for kids and even adults to become distracted during prayers so it is helpful to have a focal point and this is where a home altar can be used. 

This will allow your child to apply visualization to their prayers. You could have a picture of Jesus or Mary that helps with this. 

Some other elements of your Catholic Home Altar might include: 

– A picture or statue of Jesus

– The Holy Bible

– Blessed Candles 

– A cloth in the liturgical color of the season

– Rosaries and prayer books

– A Mother Mary statue

As a mother myself I have developed a deeper connection with our Mother Mary. I feel that she fully understands the challenges and opportunities we face. 

Teach your children that Mary is their Mother too. I like to think and discuss the mothering side of Mary and how she must have taken care of Jesus and how she longs to bring us nearer to him. 

A Mary Garden is another attractive feature found in a variety of Catholic homes. Here are some pointers on how you can adopt one of these into your own home. 

Decoration Ideas for Mother Mary in Your Catholic Home

I often imagine Mother Mary at home doing the types of things I myself would occupy myself with. This may include the dishes or laundry or cleaning closets and cupboards. As a matter of fact, I often feel closer to God when at work, I might even pray the rosary while I am at it. 

You can keep statues or pictures of Mary anywhere you would like in your home:

– In your kitchen

– A book shelf

– The laundry room

– On the entryway table (Hi Mary!)

Petition her prayers for you while you go about the day-to-day tasks.

A Rosary for each family member

How can you be more mindful of your rosary prayer habits? Get a key holder on which you can hang your rosaries and remind you to pray for them more. There should be one for each family member. 

Here is an attractive rosary booklet I found on Etsy. The art work is simple and attractive and it brings focus on the mysteries within. 

Catholic Art

Hanging Catholic art, holy icons and images about the home can help maintain a truly solemn and sacred atmosphere that builds focus while in prayer. Some excellent ideas include:

– Divine Mercy of Jesus

– Your patron saints

– St. Michael the Archangel

– The Holy Family

– Immaculate Heart of Mary

– Blessed Mother Mary

– Sacred Heart of Jesus

– Angels

You can also have your child color or paint a picture of Jesus by their own design. They could also create a depiction of their favorite saint. Make sure you prominently display these blessed tokens of devotion. Your child will love that. 

The Catholic Bible

Display your family bible on your home later and take the time to select and read a passage each night. Be sure to choose passages appropriate for the age of the child. Be sure you select the complete Catholic Bible as the protestant version has some books left out. I really enjoy this easy-to-read Catholic Bible for kids. 

The Liturgical Calendar

If you want to apply the liturgical calendar in your home you will need to obtain a Catholic church calendar and hang it somewhere that all can see. In this calendar you can clearly see the Holy Days of Obligation as well as other solemnities. It also lets you know about the liturgical season and its associated color as well as monthly devotions. 

This would be a good time to read a story with your kids and talk about the feast days and what exactly is being celebrated. I always like to plan ahead and include those dates in my calendar from the beginning. 

Holy Water

Keeping a small vial of Holy Water nearby has many additional benefits. For one, it keeps us connected to our baptism. Holy Water is especially effective at warding off the advance of the devil so it is a nice touch for your child’s bedroom and home in general. 

But, there are practical applications as well. You can walk about the home and bless all corners of the home with blessed water. This will effectively dispel evil in all the rooms of your home. 

You can even install a Holy Water Font in front of your home and teach your children to bless themselves as they enter and exit your sacred premises. Do this exactly as you would when entering a church. I was just made aware that Holy Water now has the capacity to cleanse us of venial sin and allow us to receive Holy Communion.

Blessed Candles

Finally, no good Catholic home should be complete without blessed candles kept on the family altar. You probably have a few left over from your child’s baptism or first communion. Make sure you take these out and relight them on all special occasions. Alternatively, you can bring any candle to a priest and have it blessed.

Also, light these candles up when you gather for morning or evening prayer. This is symbolic of Jesus who is the light of the world. It is also something exciting for kids to take out the candles and light them in solemn reverence. Tell them of the significance of these candles when they are taken out and lit. This will teach healthy respect and adoration for prayer and holy things.

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