A Guide to Arranging a Floating Party

Holding a party on a boat is certainly not a new idea, and if you take a spectacular setting such as Sydney Harbour, you have the ideal backdrop for your floating celebration. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how to arrange a boat party on Sydney Harbour, with the aim of helping you to organise the party of a lifetime.

Professional Part Boat Operators

 As you are renting the vessel, you get to decide the entertainment, the bar and the menu, and with a professional crew whose job it is to make sure that your event is a spectacular success, you have nothing to worry about. The friendly, can-do attitude of the operator means you can choose every aspect of the evening, plus you get to plan the route, and with your MP3 playlists, you can dance the night away in luxurious surroundings.

Luxury Vessels

Typically, a party boat is geared up for enjoyment in a luxurious setting, and would cater for 40-50 guests, with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth sound system that will blast out your playlists all night long. As you would expect with a party boat, you have a full array of disco lights and effects, and the menu can be a buffet style menu of your choosing. Anyone who wishes to organise a boat party in Sydney should begin with a Google search and that will take you to the website of an established operator, where you can browse the vessels and the various packages they have on offer.

Drinks Packages

While the bar is licensed, you are welcome to bring your own drinks, which the crew will serve, or you could choose a per-hour bar fee, which allows guests unlimited access to the bar. You could ask the staff to run a tab and you clear it at the end of the party, or you could deposit a specific amount behind the bar, and when that is finished, people can pay for their own drinks. The operator is very flexible and will do what they can to make your party special, so if you have any special requests, don’t be shy as they can cater for most things.

Online Booking

You can view the vessels, choose a party package and book the boat online, which is very convenient, then you can prepare for what will be the party to top all parties. Make sure that you book well in advance, as party boats are in big demand, especially around Xmas and New Year. The more notice you can give, the more chance of getting the date you want, and once booked, you do need to confirm a few days prior to your booking.

Once you have booked the boat, you can think about invitations and do remember to give your guests at least 3-4 weeks’ notice as most people have very busy social calendars, and with the help of the party organisers, you and your friends will have the time of your lives partying on Sydney Harbour.

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