A Guide on Picking the Best Gift for a Guy

When you buy a gift for a man in your life, you want to get it right. After all, it’s the perfect time to show how much you care about them and how well you know them. Finding just the right gift doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow the simple guide below.


A personalised gift of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Think about what the guy buys for themselves – such as their favourite brand of whiskey or where they do the majority of their shopping – and then think about how you can make one of these things more special. You could get them an engraved hipflask or a wallet with their initials. You can check this selection out. 

Practicality vs Style

When you’re buying a gift for a man in your life, it’s good to consider what he needs. Think about his hobbies and whether there’s anything you can get him to advance them. Such as a new golf club or kitchen knives. It’s important to weigh up practicality versus style. Which one will he appreciate more: something he will use regularly or something that looks good? You could potentially find the sweet spot and get him something which ticks both boxes, like workout gear or driving gloves. 

Problem Solvers 

If you decide to be more practical with your gift-giving, then keep this rule of thumb in mind: happiness doesn’t come adding positives, it comes from removing negatives. For instance, if he’s been complaining about a sore back – get him a massager or book a spa treatment. If his headphones have dropped in quality, get him a new pair. By getting him something he needs, it shows you know him and you’re paying attention.

Unique Picks

Maybe you want to treat him to something a bit different. You could think about what would be fun for them to unwrap. If you want to follow a unique route it gives you a great opportunity to get creative with your gift shopping. Remember to keep your guy’s tastes in mind. From monthly subscriptions, quirky gadgets, or a day out experience – there’ll be something just right for the man you have in mind. 

The most important thing to remember when you’re buying a guy’s gift is to think about what he likes. When you start thinking about what’s important to him, the rest will click into place. What present would you get a man?

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