8 Unique Party Ideas to Make Your Next Event Stand Out

Anyone that uses their time and money to organize an event wants it to be a fun party that guests talk about for years to come. For that to happen, there must be something unique and exciting about the event. 

Unfortunately, most events have a budget that limits the number of unique party ideas a party planner can use. But even with an unlimited budget, it can still be challenging to come up with unique party themes to keep guests engaged. 

If you are currently under pressure to come up with an amazing event then read on for 8 unique party ideas you can use.

1. Choose a Unique Theme

One of the best unique party ideas is to choose a great theme. Party themes set the whole tone of the event from the décor to the food and even the clothes attendees will need to wear. A unique theme will pique the interest of your attendees so that you end up with fewer no-shows at the event.

A great theme you can use for an office party is a murder mystery party where employees can try to figure out who killed the boss. Randomly assign everyone a role before the party. The murderer should try their best to remain undetected until the end of the event.

The best thing about a murder mystery party is that everyone at the party must talk to others to solve the mystery. Even shy members of the team may come out of their shell to play the part that they picked. You can also consider setting up this theme like an escape room.

2. Have a Photo Booth

Photo booths are always a hit at events as they are a great way to memorize the party. Add a unique touch to your event by creating a custom photo booth that matches your event theme. If you have a limited budget you can create your booth using a sheet as a backdrop and DIY props made from manila paper or cardboard boxes. 

Another modern take to a photo booth is to create a custom Instagram filter for your event. You can do this using Canva or other free mobile apps.

Guests will be proud to share photos with this filter to show that they attended your event. In case you are hosting a corporate event, the Instagram filter could be a great way to get free promotions through your guests. 

3. Add Karaoke

Adding a karaoke session is another way to ensure your event is a hit is to. This will add extra energy to your event and discourage guests from leaving early. Karaoke is also often better once guests have broken the ice, had a few drinks, and become less inhibited. 

4. Hire a Limo

Limo rental is a great idea for special events like weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, and even milestone birthdays like a 21st. The limo would transport the guest of honor and their close friend or relatives to and from the event. 

Limos often come with special packages such as champagne during the ride, red carpet service, free tickets to certain locations, etc. Speak with your selected limo service about your party requirements to work out how they can accommodate you. 

5. Play Games

There is no better way to ensure your guests have fun than adding games to your event. There are many different ways to do so. For instance, you can add props like a snooker table, dartboard, and even an ax-throwing station to your event venue.

Guests can then play the game at their leisure during the party. You could also have organized games such as a raffle, an auction or even an awards presentation for different categories (ex. best dressed, etc.). If the raffle or awards prizes are interesting, guests will stay at the event longer to catch the winner announcements.

6. Hand Out Great Party Favors

Another unique party idea is to hand out amazing party favors at your event. Guests will keep useful party favors which could make your event a talking point for years. For instance, people still discuss the gifts Oprah handed out at her 50th birthday party.

While we don’t all have a luxurious budget, a bit of creativity can lead to a great selection of party favors for your event. Some great ideas include customized jewelry, monogrammed bathrobes, unique tote bags, and engraved pen knives.

7. Send Guests on a Scavenger Hunt

Remind your guests how to have fun by adding an adult scavenger hunt to your next event. This will encourage your guests to engage with each other and can create a lot of hilarity if some of the tasks are outlandish. For instance, you can ask attendees to take a picture with 50 people in it or record a video of someone dancing the latest viral dance move. 

8. Hire an Expert

The last of our unique holiday party ideas is to hire an expert to spice up your event and teach your guests a new skill. This could be a dance instructor, a mixologist, etc. The idea is to get your guests hyped up about whatever activity you have chosen.

An expert dancer, for instance, could teach your guests a dance routine that will get them out to the dance floor and keep them dancing for the rest of the event. A mixologist could teach your guests more about wine or cocktails. The sessions from the experts can also encourage networking amongst your guests when they share their opinions about the expert sessions.

Try These Unique Party Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Event

Event organizers face a lot of pressure to throw amazing parties that meet all the attendee’s tastes. Annual events like office parties are especially hard to organize as you must think of unique corporate party ideas each year. But throwing a fun party is a rewarding experience as there is no better feeling than being the source of happiness for others.

Use a mix of these unique party ideas discussed above to come up with an awesome and memorable event. For more event planning ideas read the rest of our blog. 

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