8 Key Elements of a Luxurious Bathroom

Being one of the smaller spaces, your bathroom is an ideal starting point for giving your home a more luxurious look and feel. Plus, we can all agree that there’s nothing better than being able to enjoy a spa experience from the comfort of somewhere familiar. A luxury bathroom (like those created at places like Showersly.com) also impresses guests, as well as increasing the value of your property. 

But what exactly makes a bathroom luxurious? Here are 8 key elements to consider. 


Bathrooms with a functional focus tend to be smaller, as this creates more space for other rooms in the home, so a larger bathroom is naturally more synonymous with opulence. Granted, being able to create more space is a luxury in and of itself. 

The good news is that there are a few visual tricks you can employ to create the illusion of more space. This includes eliminating visual clutter and unnecessary elements. Perhaps you can size down on pieces that take up too much room, such as the laundry basket or cabinet above your sink. Installing a large mirror or two is your best option. 


No luxurious bathroom is poorly-lit. Ideally, you should let more of the sun shine into your bathroom with larger windows and skylights. But just like creating more space, this is one solution that few homeowners have. 

Doing away with window dressings is a considerable alternative. Setting a more relaxed mood for the evening with artificial lighting is also a good idea. You can either use dimmer switches or install bulbs with a more subdued glow. That said, lining certain areas such as the sink with LED light strips can help to create a more modern luxury feel. 


The rich and powerful have enough spare time to enjoy a soothing bath instead of hopping into the shower. Of course, you can have your bath remodeling job incorporate the best of both worlds by installing a shower head above the tub. 

American Vision Baths offer bath replacements that can be tailored to your needs, with top-quality materials for a luxurious look that lasts. In addition to their bath replacement services, they also provide walk-in tubs that are more easily accessible. If you want something truly extravagant, opt for a sunken tub or freestanding unit. 


No luxurious bathroom is complete without a few leafy accessories. Not only do they look great, but plants can also purify the air and create a more relaxing environment. They’re also an effective way to add a pop of lively color into monochromatic spaces. 

If you’re worried about maintenance, a simple succulent will get the job done without hassle. Shelving units can be decorated with hanging plants for a natural and magical appearance. Placing a few potted plants around the bath or shower is a good way to set the scene – plus they’re easy to water. 


Walk into the bathrooms of a few five-star hotels and you’ll notice the recurrence of certain materials, namely natural stone such as marble and granite. Faucets and other metal hardware tend to be made out of copper, brass or gold-tone metals. Chrome is a clean and versatile option, albeit a little more common. 


Texture refers to the surfaces that add depth to a space. In the context of a bathroom, this typically includes rugs, towels and seating. Adding a few Persian or Turkish rugs, for instance, will give your bathroom a more plush and expensive appearance. Higher quality towels are not only better looking, but also last longer and dry faster. 

You can add texture in other ways. This includes contrasting floor materials. For instance, some bathrooms contain wood laminate flooring around the shower and stone everywhere else or vice-versa. Hanging a bathrobe on the door is a more practical way to add texture. 


Consider implementing a specific color scheme in your bathroom. Of course, luxurious spaces generally follow a more monochromatic palette these days. This is not a bad idea for your bathroom, as you can always add color with rugs, towels, fixtures and plants. Walls, floors and ceilings can remain more subdued so that other elements shine. 


The most luxurious bathrooms have one or two standout details that define their character and grab your attention. This can include wall art such as a large painting or a unique hanging light fixture. As we touched on earlier, your bathtub is an ideal centerpiece. Larger plants can also do the trick. 

No less important are the smaller details that make your bathroom a more personal and functional space. Consider underfloor heating, ottomans, wall-mounted televisions and faux-animal skin rugs. The sky’s the limit, so don’t hesitate to get imaginative here. 

These are the main elements of a luxurious bathroom. Get them right and you can create a space that nobody in your home will want to leave once they enter it.

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