727 Fuselage Home – Costa Rica’s Most Exclusive Hotel Suite

If you enjoy luxury vacationing but also want something more quirky and unique to your experience, then you should make Costa Verde your next destination. Here you will find 727 Fuselage Home, an amazing hotel suite that is reportedly the most exclusive one in Costa Rica.

As you may have guessed by its name, the suite is built inside the frame of a decommissioned airplane. What was once a fully functional 1965 Boeing 727 has now become an incredibly exotic and welcoming home away from home, without losing its original aeronautic charm. Perched high among the jungle branches, the airframe offers amazing views of the surroundings and of the nearby ocean.

You can still feel like you are hovering above the jungle with the old Boeing when you look outside its tiny windows. The interiors are cozy and warm, with the entire frame featuring local teak paneling. This gives dwellers a strong sense of connection with the beautiful natural environment as well a very pleasant feeling of luxury. Enjoy the good life up in the trees with various monkeys as neighbors – doesn’t it sound exciting?