7 Adorable Clothing Trends Kids Will Want to Wear


Do you remember what you wore as a kid? As children, most of us loved moseying around in bold and outlandish clothes and dressing up for special occasions.

While it just seemed like a lot of fun back then, today childrenswear clothing trends are a big business and the kid’s fashion scene is huge!

If you’re a parent or guardian who loves to dress your tot up in fashionable yet warm and comfortable clothing, we’re here to help you keep up on the trends.

Here are the childrenswear trends kids will love to dress up in this year. But we’d better be careful – before we know it our little tykes and fashionistas will be looking a lot more stylish than we do!

1. Floral Designs

Floral designs will always be a popular trend for kids, especially for the girls.

It’s mind-boggling just how many baby girl and toddler pieces come in floral print – from tops, tee shirts, midis, dresses, jackets, and skirts. While floral prints look especially cute in the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer, they’re a staple print that can be worn year-round.

Be it a party, a picnic, or just a lazy day at home, florals are a completely versatile print for girls to wear.

In recent years, florals have been making their mark on boys’ clothes too. A tee featuring a floral design is a popular choice and is no longer considered ‘girly’.

2. Animal Prints

Another of the popular kids clothing trends is animal print. As we roll into fall, the animal print is a great choice to transition from the warmer summer months.

An eye-catching and funky animal print dress offers a cool and trendy look for your tot, making her feel classy and cute at the same time!

Or for boys, a cool leopard-print tee will make your little tyke feel courageous and brave.

There are plenty of animal prints available too, from a monochrome zebra design to bright tiger stripes. But any style of animal print is bound to put a smile on your tot’s face and inject a sense of fun to any outfit.

3. Denim

We can all agree that denim is one of the fashion trends for kids that will never go out of style. It’s timeless and will always be fashionable.

When it comes to your little one, denim isn’t restricted to just jackets and jeans, oh no. Other denim pieces of kids’ clothing are trending too, such as cute little denim shoes, trendy dungarees, and slouchy dresses. Today even jewelry can come in a denim style – have you spotted denim earrings yet?

Every parent should invest in a decent pair of denim jeans for their kid. Not only do they match with a variety of different clothes, but they’re super comfy and are great for little explorers!

Nickis.com childrens fashion offers a wide range of luxurious and timeless sneakers that pair perfectly with denim jeans too

4. Cool Tee Shirts

Another versatile option of kids’ fashion trends is the cool tee shirt, most favorably worn by boys.

An easy yet cool look, the cool tee shirt comes in a variety of styles – from graphic tees, V-neck tees, rugby style tees, and polo tees. You can even get customized t shirts made up if you want that personal touch!

The best part about the cool tee is that it looks great with almost any bottom from ripped jeans to trousers or smarter pants.

There are so many options of cool tee shirts on the market, so whatever your kids’ tastes there’s sure to be a stylish tee to suit him or her.

5. Metallic Tones

Your girl or boy will love dressing up in metallic tones, especially for a special occasion like a birthday party or a fancy-dress event.

While gold and silver-toned clothing and shoes are popular, more subtle colors featuring a metallic sheen are trending too.

From sparkly sandals to rose-gold backpacks to shiny silver trousers, it’s not difficult to find kids’ clothes featuring some glitz. Your little ones will love to sparkle!

6. Tribal and Folk

In 2019, many designers draw inspiration from folk traditions, creating kids’ fashionwear using a modern twist. These influences are found from all over the globe – think African, Aztec, Native American, and Indian tribal communities.

Toddler fashion trends relating to tribal and folk design will often feature interesting accents such as beads, pom poms, intricate thread work, geometric patterns, and tribal-influenced embroidery.

Whether your little fashionista is wearing a sweet tribal-print dress or an Aztec design tee, she’s sure to look adorable rocking the trend.

7. Retro

It’s time for the kids to get retro – in 2019 it’s all about old-school fashion trends that involve sequins, fringes, polka dot prints, pearls, and beads.

Your tots may not know the history behind the clothes, but they’re sure to love wearing such funky and fun garments.

Dress your little princess to the nines in a gorgeous retro style dress or choose a jazzy vintage-style shirt for your little boy.

Trends Kids Love to Rock

That’s all with this year’s trends kids will want to wear!

Whether you have a girl or a boy (or both!), all these fun trends are gender-neutral, so nobody must feel left out.

Whatever clothes you buy for your children, the main thing is that your kid feels comfortable, free, and happy in the clothing that they’re wearing. Where some kids will love rocking a head-to-toe sequin dress, others may feel shy. And you certainly don’t want your little one feeling uncomfortable in the clothes that they’re wearing.

After all, the clothes your child wears should reflect their personality and make them feel happy and relaxed.

Happy dressing up!

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