6 Unique Things to Do in Memphis

Gibson Guitar factory showcase located on Beale Street in Memphis TN

Memphis is a kind city, known historically for being the home of blues, a great place for barbeque and birthplace of rock and roll. There are over 100 places to find great BBQ in Memphis.

However, it is known for more than just great food and music. It’s like a paradise for every tourist and lover of life. Some of the unique things to do in Memphis include;

Visit Dixon Gallery and Gardens

For Art lovers, this is a great place to start your visit. Sitting on a 17-acre farm, the Dixon Gallery and Gardens offers a great garden and plenty of art. It is located across the Memphis botanical garden and offers an array of flowers and picturesque environment.

They also have an impressionist painting exhibit, which is the type of art birthed between 1867-1886. It focuses on small thin visible brush strokes, open composition, and emphasis on accuracy of light in its changing qualities to capture and objectively record visual reality. The gallery also has drawing stations where you can draw your heart intent and leave a piece of your history.

The Memphis walking Ghost tour

The Memphis walking ghost tour that makes the haunting history of Memphis come alive. Make sure you have good walking shoes and a brave heart, as this is an adrenaline-inducing adventure.

The dead’s man alley will see you standing in the place where thousands of victims of the yellow fever were placed when the mortuaries could not hold them anymore in the 1870s.

The trip makes you grateful for how far we have come in medicine and an appreciation for the men and women who came before us.

The Big river crossing

The big river crossing is the largest pedestrian bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. The big river crossing is a mile long with people jogging, walking and biking throughout the day.

The crossing offers a nice refreshing feeling with great breeze and awesome cool weather. The feeling is one of the things that make Memphis unforgettable and is the best location to get pictures for your journal.

To see downtown Memphis on the best party bikes.

The party bikes are among the best features in Memphis, where you have an awesome riding trip across the city as you party and dance to the best music. The party bikes are specially designed to allow you to have a fantastic driver with planned stops, a beer in one hand and your feet on the pedals.

You get to choose the route allowing you to visit the Dominick Distillery and take a sip of pure, delicious Memphis spirits, and to Ghost River brewing Tap Room the finest Memphis brews. You can end the day at Paula and Raiford’s disco, a legendary club specializing in a unique atmosphere and unforgettable energy. The club is hard to define, but if you are looking for a fun and quirky night, but not scandalous, this will be your spot.

Memphis Nontraditional Barbecue

Memphis is known for its array of non-traditional barbecues, including barbecue pizza, barbecue spaghetti, barbecue nachos, and barbecue tofu veggie lovers for you to explore. You can also try the ribs and a pulled pork sandwich during the Redbirds game at the AutoZone Park.

A walk through the crystal shrine Grotto

Created in fifty years by a Mexican artist, the crystal shrine is a whimsical human-made cave filled with quartz crystals. The shrine is created using unique religious sculptures that are made to depict the life of Christ.

The shrine is not only picture-perfect, but said to allow one to connect with your spiritual side. It is located at the Memorial Park cemetery; you can read the guest book that will enable you to understand the history of the Grotto over the years.


Memphis is a city known for its good vibes, music, and food; It’s a city that lets you let loose, learn, and experience some fun. Memphis hosts great museums, historical places, shrines, and chill spots that will see you have a fun-filled weekend.

There is a list of endless things to do, find what works for you, and have some fun. Make some memories and create some art in the process.

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