6 Pieces of Equipment That are Must-have for Every Singer

Music is good for you and your audience. It is also a source of living for many people. Gig masters and online singers now make money full-time singing to their live audiences or recording music and posting it online in platforms such as YouTube. If you think of singing as a professional level, you need more than an excellent vocal range. You also have to know something more about music arrangement and production. In this blog, we let you know about the equipment you need when you are a beginner. 

It is hard to get into a recording studio and sign a contract. First, you need to prove your power by displaying a portfolio that will attract the right producer, music management team. To do that, you need some professional-level tools. Stop recording on your smartphone. A smartphone is still a handy companion because it helps you record on the go and get inspiration.  


You will not record great music without a microphone. All the other recorders might do something that resembles good music, but you need a microphone. A mic is a specialist in audio. It does not capture anything else apart from the full range of your vocals, sounds, and instruments. When buying a microphone set, ensure that it is optimized for the recording environment. If you are recording live instruments, you may need a different set than one for solo recording. Some microphones are quite expensive, and you may want to go for a beginner level. 

Microphone Preamp 

Sometimes the audio sound is low. A microphone preamp amplifies the audio to a level where it is usable. When you are editing audio music files, you want to ensure that every aspect of the sound is present in the output. A preamp is ideal for vocals where you are experimenting on a wide range. You have to attach it to the mic for it to give you the best audio return. You also don’t want to convert low-level audio to digital format, which will be hard to process effectively.

Microphone Stand and Pop Shield

Handling the mic is not always advisable. Even though most microphones have a decent handle, it is still not advisable to do that when recording. A stand can help you position the microphone in an ideal place where the audio quality will be uniform. Besides, you will have access to all your other faculties to immerse yourself in the performance. A pop shield comes in handy too, because it filters out the unwanted plosives. 

A Computer

Unlike in the past, when you needed to take music editing to a specialist, you can do most of the editing using a computer. However, it would be best if you had a computer capable of maintaining the quality of the digital music files. Some machines are unable to discern higher levels of vocals and voice range. When buying a music computer, focus on the specifications about audio and video recording. If possible, you want a computer that can process the highest audio and video quality. You want a laptop that can handle lossless and high-resolution WAV and AIFF files. Video files can go up to 8k resolution, and you had better have a computer to handle that. It would help if you also had a computer that can handle music editing software programs.  


Unlike computer speakers, which are not always equal to the processing of nuanced music quality, headphones are designed to capture the full range. When buying a headphone, you may want to purchase music grade listening because you will depend on these headphones to tell you how you are performing. You have to listen to yourself to ensure that you are hitting all the right notes, literally. 

Audio Interface

As said before, the audio moves from the microphone through the preamp and onto the interface. The recorded music will have different levels requiring amplification to make it uniform. Once you have it in place, you can convert it to a digital format to edit it on your computer. Some microphones have a combo for preamp and audio interface. For best performance, buy specialized equipment for each task. 

Once you have decided you want to sing, take your time to get better. Make good use of the music equipment available in the market to improve your overall music skills. It takes a significant amount of effort to perform flawlessly. Even when you are armed with undoubted talent and musical genius, you still need to connect to your equipment, song, and audience to achieve the desired goal.

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