6 Luxury Villas and Chalets in France for the Ultimate Private Getaway

6 Luxury Villas and Chalets in France for the Ultimate Private Getaway

France is a land of contrasts. From the towering peaks of the Alps to the open plains of the Paris Basin, there’s no getting enough of this country. A tour across France will introduce you to some of the country’s most iconic landmarks. And while at it, you’ll never miss the finger-licking French delicacies. Numerous ethnicities have found their permanent residence in France, making the country a multicultural utopia in its own right. 

Indeed, France is an excellent country for the ultimate private getaway. But to make your getaway a success, you’ll require a luxurious accommodation facility. Fortunately, France boasts an abundance of those. In this post, we shall highlight a few luxury chalets and villas in France for your perfect getaway.

1. Demeure de Cornouaille

Demeure de Cornouaille is a building with a history that’s steeped in the French culture. Located in Brittany and Normandy, this 17th-century villa sits in a peaceful and serene environment, just the way you’d like it for your private getaway. 

Demeure de Cornouaille is one of the rental villas in France that’s nestled in wooded grounds, perfect for those craving for a touch of Mother Nature’s. Its location near the village makes it possible to experience the essence of French delicacies. And if that doesn’t catch your fancy, you might consider private strolls around the marina, as you relish the cool breeze from the sea.  

Some notable amenities here include a tennis court, barbecue, garden furniture, and a fireplace. The nearest airport to the Demeure de Cornouaille is the Quimper airport, which is 30 km away. There’s also the Quimper TGV station for those who prefer to travel by train. Demeure de Cornouaille villa is ideal for 15 adults or about four families with children.

2. Paradis en Luberon

How would you love to stay in a luxury villa located within green almond and lavender fields? Well, why not take your chances with the Paradis en Luberon? Found beneath the Luberon Mountains, the villa offers panoramic views of the rolling countryside. 

This quiet and peaceful farmhouse in Provence and the Cote d Azur features a rustic aura for those for love the plainness of country life. Within the facility is a vine-covered terrace for outdoor dining. There’s also a swimming pool that offers a 360° view of the surrounding. 

The villa is located some 59 km from Aix-en-Provence and Avignon train stations. Marseille-Provence airport is just 65 km away. Paradis en Luberon is ideal for five couples or three families with children.

3. Dream of Dordogne

One of the first striking features of the Dream of Dordogne is its well-manicured gardens. Besides, the villa’s location in the countryside makes for a picturesque view of the river and plains beneath. 

The property appears to have been designed with the needs of outdoor freaks in mind. Some of the notable outdoor amenities include a beautiful terrace and an outdoor kitchen. Dream of Dordogne is also a villa with a pool, and a heated one at that. Each room is finished with chic and elegant colors reminiscent of the ancient French art and architecture. 

Experience the serenity of the surrounding villages by taking a stroll around the neighborhoods as you marvel at the sleepy Dordogne valley. Dream of Dordogne boasts some of the most desirable conveniences of modernity, from a tennis court to salt-water heated pools, and efficient air conditioning services. 

Accessibility is made easy, thanks to the Périgueux train station that’s only 30 km away. For air transport, you might consider the Bergerac Dordogne Périgord airport that’s 80 km away. The large and expansive facility can host ten couples or up to 20 individual guests.

4. Krugen

Krugen is a 6-rooms facility that can host up to 13 persons. Remarkably, Krugen is one of the few villas in France with facilities designed explicitly for ambulant disabled people. Located in Brittany and Normandy, this seafront villa offers a breathtaking view of the Audierne Bay. 

The villa boasts a spacious kitchen with conveniently interlinked rooms. For outdoor dining, there’s a large terrace built on lush gardens. 

The best part about Krugen is its enchanting views of the ocean. Whether you’re in the innermost room, in the backyard, or having an al fresco dinner, you’ll always be treated to the magnificent view of the sea. Other amenities include ample parking area, hot shower, and a laundry.

5. Plage ou Golfe

The Plage ou Golfe in Brittany and Normandy is remarkable for its classic-type interior architecture that features high-end decorative designs. The interior of this villa comprises of a suite, a living area complete with a fireplace, and an elegant kitchen. The kitchen is fitted with a butcher’s block and a piano. 

Its location in the Gulf of Morbihan, and close to ocean beaches account for the villa’s calm and serene environment. The villa is located some 2.5 km from the ocean and 3 km from the quaint villages, ensuring you enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Amenities like a heated swimming pool and a beautiful garden offer a perfect retreat if craving for an outdoor experience. Near the ocean are a seaside golf course and lots of thrilling activities for adventure lovers. Plage ou Golfe can accommodate two couples with children.

6. Entre Plage et Bassin

Last but not least is the Entre Plage et Bassin. Plage et Bassin is another one of the notable rental villas in France that are positioned in a serene wooded residential area. It’s your go-to accommodation facility if you wish to uncover the rich history of the Aquitaine and Basque neighborhoods. 

For accessibility purposes, the villa is situated less than one kilometer from a port in the Arcachon Basin. When staying here, you should consider a tour around the villages as there’s a lot to discover, including oyster farming and tasting, cycle trips, and lots of surfing activities. 

Facilities within the villa itself include a garage, a heated swimming pool, to mention but a few. Plage et Bassin can accommodate two couples, along with their children.


There goes our list of the most charming rental villas in France. If you’re looking for a perfect private getaway in France, you might want to include some of these villas in your itinerary. Be sure to check out the prices first, as they occasionally fluctuate.

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