6 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

6 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Some people seem to have all of the latest gadgets, electronics, and designer clothing items as soon as they come out. When the holidays come around, it can be difficult to know what to buy for these types of people. Here are 6 gift ideas perfect for the person in your life who seems to already have it all.

1. Fragrances

A perfume or cologne fragrance gift is the perfect gift for the person in your life who seems to already have it all. Try to match the scent of the perfume or cologne to the personality of the gift recipient. For example, you may want to gift a sweet and floral scent to the kindest woman in your life, like your mother or grandmother. If you are shopping for cologne for your boyfriend or husband, you may want to choose a more deep, sultry scent.

2. Gift Cards

Gift cards for luxurious experiences are perfect for people who already own a lot of material items. You may want to give a voucher for a massage, a facial, or a haircut at your favorite spa or salon. You can also give a gift card to a high end restaurant or grocery store.

3. Handmade Desserts

If you do not know what to buy for someone on your gift shopping list, then do not buy anything at all. Handmade gifts are thoughtful and show that you care. If you are a beginner, try making some simple three ingredient cookies for all of the people that you love. As a special gift, you can even create a beautiful multi layered cake or torte for someone you love.

4. Commissioned Art

If you are not the creative type, you can always commission someone to create a custom gift for your friend or family member. You may wish to have a portrait or landscape commissioned specially for them. Be sure to order your commission well in advance so that the artist has time to complete the order.

5. A Donation to the Charity

If you do not know what to buy for someone, you can help them to make a difference instead. In lieu of a gift, try making a donation to a charitable cause on behalf of your friend or family member. This is a classic gift for the person who has it all but still loves making a difference. It is also a gift that cannot be re-gifted.

6. Concert Tickets

If the person you are shopping for already has a lot of material possessions, they might prefer an experience as a gift instead. Concert gifts do not take up any space, so they do not create clutter or waste. Pay attention to your friend or family member’s taste in music before buying concert tickets for them. You may even want to snoop and ask some of their closest friends what genres or artists they like the most. They might even ask you to join with the guest ticket.