5 Ways to Get Creative When Planning Your Wedding

There are so many ways that your personal touch can be included on your wedding day for it to be totally unique. Every couple would like their wedding to be special, fun and an individual reflection of themselves.

We can all admit this is a huge moment, that is worth all the tremendous effort required. Here are a few ways to make your wedding more entertaining and memorable by getting creative, not just for you and your true love, but also for all your honoured guests.

Unique Wedding Stationery

A reasonable place to start is with your Save the Date cards and invitations since these are the first items that your guests should receive. Wedding stationery does not need to be formal and rigid anymore; those days are long gone. Infusing some of your and your fiancé’s senses-of-humour into your RSVP card design with a mad-lib style would be a great idea. Which will help to ensure that you have that unique wedding you are hoping for.

Send Gifts Home

Another way to incorporate a personal touch for a successful and unique wedding is to decide which part of your life you would like to share with your guests. Then choose an original gift idea within that theme for them to take home to remember your wedding.

For a couple who loves taking pictures or enjoys photography, you could get a photo booth where your guests can take photos with a small memento marking the day together with your names at the bottom, which would add a lovely touch to your overall day.

Alternative Guestbook

It is becoming more common to use an alternative guestbook, something other than a book that guests sign with well wishes. Creating an alternative guestbook is where you can get super creative. If you and your fiancé love to travel, you could have all of your guests sign a globe or large map, which would be sure to give you a warm fuzzy feeling every time you both look at it.

Specialize Your Bridesmaids Bouquets

Your bridesmaid’s bouquet is an excellent way to add in a creative and special touch that is more for you and your bridesmaids. With this suggestion, your bridesmaid’s bouquets will be unique, special, and heartfelt. Think about how amazing it would be to surprise your bridesmaids with a charm of their initials added to their bouquet. Another great idea would be getting a locket with a photo of you and your bridesmaid inside.

Capture the Moment

Capture every moment by creating a backdrop for your wedding reception. Combining a floral arch and streaming lights are a few ways to make your wedding backdrop stand out. If you would like to step outside the box with your wedding day photography, use a drone to capture the atmosphere. 

This tool will be sure to capture moments from different heights and angles. As you and your fiancé are being photographed, the drone can capture a moment that they may miss. These are some creative tips for creating a unique and unforgettable wedding day and remembering to make sure these tips reflect both your personalities and most importantly remember to have fun with it.

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