5 Reasons Your Vacation Home Needs Hurricane Shutters

Your vacation home on the beach is a place that brings you joy, peace of mind, and relaxation. The beach, despite its calm nature, faces the danger of heavy storms and hurricanes. These hurricanes are extremely destructive and are known to wreak havoc on structures located on the beach. You have to take protective measures to protect this vacation home and all the memories it holds from such threats. To do this, you will have to reinforce the structure’s exterior to protect what’s inside. Hurricane shutters are an important and necessary tool for beach homeowners, even those in areas that have not yet experienced hurricanes. These shutters guarantee protection for your home against nature’s unpredictability. Below you will find reasons as to why you should outfit your vacation home with hurricane shutters.

Home Protection

The main function of hurricane shutters is to shield your home from the devastation of a hurricane. These ruinous storms manifest as a combination of rain, wind, and gathered projectiles that can destroy your home. Hurricane shutters are designed in a manner that allows them to take hits from high-speed projectiles. Additionally, hurricane shutters are also extremely efficient as a home security tool. Their reinforced and sturdy nature makes them capable of keeping out burglars and intruders in your absence. When pulled down, your windows and doors become impenetrable. Homeowners can stay away for a long period knowing their property is well secured.

Property Value

Homeowners are always concerned about their property’s resale value, especially when they only use it seasonally. Having something that can increase the value of your home is always a plus. Hurricane shutters can be considered a strategic investment toward this endeavor. Their value is seen in how they upgrade the security levels on your property. Not having to install further security upgrades when purchasing the property makes it extremely attractive to prospective leads. Some hurricane shutters are removable and may be stored when not necessary. This feature could also be beneficial to interested buyers and help you get more value from your property.

Deteriorating furniture

Over time, exposure to sunlight and the accompanying heat can destroy vital things in your home. Furniture may start to fade, and plastic may warp due to sun exposure. Other valuable items may dry out and even crack over time. Hurricane shutters are also able to keep these damaging factors out of your home. Innovative hurricane shutters allow for light to enter your home without the accompanying damaging characteristics. This feature allows for visibility while protecting your home.

Energy bills and expenses

Nature is always changing. This change is capable of finding its way into your home either as cold or heat. The windows on your property may be allowing heat or cold into the home, altering the room temperature. These changes force the installed air conditioning system to adjust accordingly. Over time, these fluctuations make the AC unit overwork, and this manifests itself in hefty energy bills. Hurricane shutters can keep these temperature fluctuations from happening. By blocking the outside temperature externalities, they allow the air conditioning to function efficiently.


Insurance costs can be a headache for homeowners. Based on the structure of your home, your insurance premiums may be extremely high. Therefore, property owners take measures to outfit their homes in a manner that can lower these annual expenses to a more manageable figure. Some insurance companies offer their clients a discount for having outfitted their homes with security measures. Arguably so, fitting hurricane shutters on your beach home is believed to be able to lower your expenditure on insurance by up to 10%.

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