5 Ideas for Customizing Your Car

Customer looking for a car at dealership and customizing vehicle

Getting a new car is an exciting event, even more so when it is your first car. Over time, your excitement might begin to fade because of seeing it look exactly the same day after day. However, solving this is easy given the multitude of ways there are to give a car a new custom look. Below are five great ideas for customizing your car to give it a new look on the inside as well as on the outside.

1. Personalized License Plate

This is a way to have your car have something that is different from other cars out there. You can choose to have your name, nickname, a message, or whatever you want for your license plate number. If the cost of doing this is a concern, you can search online to see what this will cost you.

Not only can the license plate number be whatever you want it to be, you can also get a license plate frame with text that says whatever you want it to say above and below the plate. You can also get a frame with a theme to it such as pets, politics, sports, etc.

2. Custom Seat Covers

This is a great way to brighten up a dull interior. By getting covers of whatever color you want, your car seats will have a personal look to them; and given how much of the interior of a car the seats make up, having covers on them will change the color of the interior a lot. They come in a wide range of materials, styles, and colors. If your budget allows, you can also get heated seat covers which will be helpful in keeping you warm if you live in a cold climate or during the cool period of a year.

3. Have a Vehicle Wrap on Your Car

A vehicle wrap is applying vinyl wrapping to your car, which will protect your car’s paint as well as giving your car a look which paint cannot. This wrapping completely covers your car so that none of your car’s paint is showing; because of this, the wrapping is similar to giving your car a new painting. Caring for a vinyl is easy since all you need is soap and water, and it can last up to five years when properly maintained.

A total wrap can be done to your car for total protection and a total new look, or it can be done partially; in the case a section of the wrapping is damaged, that section will need to be replaced and the cost to do so is much less than the cost of repairing a scratch on the car’s paint.

4. Custom Lighting

Lighting is available in most colors so you can change out the bulbs in your car for bulbs of whatever color you want. Floor lighting is also available, which will help the interior of your car to glow. You could swap the headlight bulbs out for a different color, or you could consider getting an underbody light to help make your car stand out from the rest. Color coordinating the interior lighting as well as the exterior lighting is a sure way to give your car a new look that will stand out. Even turn signals and tail lights can be changed to your liking.

5. Steering Wheel Cover

The steering wheel of a car has changed little since cars were first produced over 100 years ago; however, it provides a great way to personalize your car through a steering wheel cover. Covers come in many differ styles and colors. If you wanted to have a personal color coordinated interior with seat covers and lighting, a steering wheel cover could certainly complement this as well as finish it. Heated steering wheel covers are also available to help you stay warm if you live in a cold climate.

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