5 Essential Appliances for Your Luxury Home

Homeowners want to walk into their homes and instantly feel they can rest, relax, and rejuvenate for the following day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make life easier and more comfortable that mean everything when it comes to enjoying your time at home. Appliances in your luxury home can make life easier and a bit exciting. 

Smart Hub

As the control center for your home, a smart hub works by connecting to your smart appliances (and the internet), making it more accessible, and simpler, to control your refrigerator, microwave, stove, and HVAC system. For the best experience with your new appliances, a smart hub is crucial. Once you have a smart hub in place. you can control and interact with them to make your life easier.

Smart Refrigerator


Image via Flickr by David Berkowitz

Smart refrigerators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These Wi-Fi-enabled appliances come with striking features such as digital note boards, internal cameras to view what’s in the fridge without opening the door, and even music playback featuring streaming platforms such as Spotify. 

Smart Microwave

The companion app does all the heavy lifting when it comes to a smart microwave. Scan-to-cook technology allows the user to scan the barcode on the food they are about to cook, and the microwave retrieves cooking directions via a WiFi connection. The screen also allows users to choose from a list of commonly used microwave settings.

Smart Range

It’s time to start dinner, but you and the family are deep into a fantastic movie. Don’t worry; smart technology can connect Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, such as a smart range, to the same internet connection as your smart hub. 

From the comfort of any room in the house, you can preheat the oven or check how many minutes are left on the oven timer. Imagine not having to get up three or four times during family night to check on dinner, since all you have to do is ask your smart hub to do its magic.

Smart HVAC

A smart HVAC system works via an app or through your smart hub. You can control the temperature in the home from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, so if the heat climbs, you can adjust the air conditioner before leaving work for home. 

Some systems can also be set up with zones, so you can set your bedroom to 67 while leaving the living room at 72. You have total control, and you don’t even have to be at home. 

Just about any newer HVAC system can be set up to control from the ease of an app. The app interacts with the wall panel to control temperature settings. HVAC experts, such as those at Averill Heating and Air Conditioning, can guide you through the connection process.

Your home is a sanctuary where you can be yourself, rest and relax, settle in for the night, and even enjoy a sing-along with the family at the dinner table with music streaming from your refrigerator. Smart appliances give you back your time and take a little of the work out of your day. From preheating the oven to cooking the perfect popcorn, Smart appliances are amazing pieces of technology that integrate seamlessly with your smart hub.

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