5 Best Benefits of Owning a Golf Cart

5 Best Benefits of Owning a Golf Cart

They say that golf is a rich person’s sport, and this thinking extends to owning a golf cart or golf car, as it is familiarly known and called based on convention. But you’d be in for a surprise at the number of people who use this mode of transportation outside of golf courses and on off-roads.
And when you’re feeling adventurous, you can tow it on a trailer with proper tow accessories and take it on rough terrains with custom-fit tires.

Indeed, a business insights firm projects the global golf cart–manufacturing industry to grow at least US$2 billion by 2023. It seems many people are embracing, or will come to embrace, the versatility and utility of these light little cars. If you’re planning to buy a golf cart, look into the benefits we’ve laid out for you.

Golf Carts Are Cars, Only Lighter

It’s interesting how golf carts have reached their current status in the United States, which accounted for 60% of global sales in 2017 according to Technavio. From niche transportation for golfers, these vehicles have become a personal mode of transportation for most everyone. Their look and functionality have evolved too.  

Gas or electric battery powers cars of this type. The golf cart’s engine or lack of it dictates if it has a thousand moving parts or less. Still, compared to a standard automobile’s thirty thousand parts and more, the golf cart is simple to use and understand. You can shop for batteries, chargers, and related Ezgo golf cart parts for replacement or preventive maintenance of your unit.

Now what sweet benefits you can derive from your golf cart? Let’s find out.

1. Flexibility

Golf carts are convenient for work and play. These small vehicles do the work of cars minus the size. You can board the golf cart to tend to your garden and do lawn maintenance care. Drive it around town to get groceries and run errands. And when you’re feeling adventurous, you can take on rough terrains with custom-fit tires.

Businesses have not slept on the use of golf carts either. Resorts, community centers, and more recently, zoos use them for guests and employees and for transporting things, animals, or people.  

2. Maneuverability

The personal golf cart has initially derived its popularity from older drivers who rely on this mode of transportation to move around their communities. But given its safety and general operability, it’s not surprising for families, and thus younger folks, to adopt this light car as well.

Indeed, it’s a common consensus that this neighborhood electric vehicle is easier and less noisy to operate than the average passenger car. You can drive without a license when within your work or home premises and nearby grounds. However, stricter regulations apply when you take the golf cart out to public roads and main thoroughfares.  

3. Customization

Golf carts are customizable with parts and accessories to add comfort, functionality, and safety for their drivers. Typical examples are windshields, steering wheels, and fender flares.

Over the years and many innovations after, more aftermarket add-ons are becoming available to owners who have varying needs and preferences. These custom-designed golf cars are proof.

4. Maintenance

A golf cart is relatively easy to maintain, but as to the specific tasks you need to undertake, that depends on its type:

  • A gas-powered cart entails maintenance similar to that of a standard car. You have to inspect the engine and make sure it is free of leaks, change the oil regularly, and replace spark plugs, belts, and other worn or broken parts.  
  • An electric vehicle derives life from its battery, so your main job is to charge, check, and clean the battery cells regularly.  You may have to replace the battery or the battery charger at some point.

5. Affordability

A brand-new golf cart averages $5,000 upward with add-ons, as applicable. Other accessories you might have to pay separately for a higher total price.

You can opt for a used unit at a significantly lower price. When buying a one- or two-year-old unit, inspect the condition yourself or with the help of a mechanic, and go for a test drive. This check will help you detect and avoid costly repairs incurred from mechanical problems.

Indeed, the upfront cost, maintenance and repair, and fuel consumption are vital factors when shopping for golf carts.

You can pay outright in cash or apply to finance for your purchase. Check with lenders or manufacturers if they offer a credit line or a similar payment plan for their golf carts.   

Value for You

You can look at your golf cart as an investment, the proceeds you can use to buy a new unit or fund life pursuits. As a golden rule, take care of your vehicle so you can resell it at a relatively higher price. The current condition of the unit is always critical, sometimes more valuable than its age.  

Don’t scrimp on batteries and accessories. These can boost your unit’s value and keep it running for a long time.

Here’s to more leisurely drives with your golf cart!

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