4 Types Of Underwear Men Should Check Out

Fashion trends come and go but if there’s one category that remains constant is mens underwear. With most people nowadays being open to just about anything, there is a wide variety of what men wear underneath their outfits. 

Although the style of underwear usually revolves around briefs and boxers, there have been some great innovations in the designs and fabric used in mens underwear. Wearing the wrong underwear can make you so uncomfortable that it ruins your whole day. This makes it choosing the right kind of underwear all too important. 

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of four types of underwear that the man of today should familiarize himself with. 

1. Boxer Shorts

It is believed that boxer shorts became popular around the late 1950s. Boxer shorts look like shorts just that they are usually made of cotton and have an elastic waistband. They are insanely popular because of the comfort they provide men across all ages. 

Boxer shorts come in a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes. They are a mandatory item for any man’s underwear collection. However, athletes or people who involve themselves in rigorous physical activities should avoid boxer shorts because they do not provide any kind of support.

2. Briefs

Briefs are probably the most common form of mens underwear and guys usually have a pair or two of briefs in their underwear drawer. They are fit for any occasion and are comfortable for wearing with any outfit, including sports attire.  

Briefs are categorized into low-rise briefs, mid-rise briefs, or full-rise briefs. Low-rise briefs are the most common because men of all body types can comfortably wear them. Mid-rise briefs have a waistband that sits just right at the waist and offer great support. Full-rise briefs cover a much larger area as compared to other briefs as they extend from the waist region to the end of the butt. 

3. Boxer Briefs 

If there’s a type of mens underwear that guys should not compromise with, its boxer briefs. They are similar to boxer shorts only that they fit the body like normal briefs and offer great support. 

Depending on the manufacturer, boxer briefs tend to come with a pouch at the front for extra support and as such, are highly recommended for men who engage themselves in physical activities.

4. Trunks

The common understanding of trunks is that they are somewhat of a cross-breed between briefs and boxer briefs. They have the same shape as boxer briefs but their legs are much shorter. Trunks sit comfortably around the hip area and provide great support.

Trunks are ideal for men with a skinny body frame or men who are always active and on the move. 

Choosing the Best Mens Underwear

Choosing the right underwear should not be a strenuous process but the wrong underwear can make your day very difficult. Poor underwear fabric or lack of support can make it hard for you to focus on your business. 

Have a thorough look into the types of mens underwear highlighted above so you can make a well-informed decision as per your body type and frame.

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