4 Inexpensive Ways To Protect Your Home From Thieves

You don’t have to live in a luxurious villa to want to keep intruders out. Having your home broken into is a traumatic experience even if the thieves didn’t get away with much.

No matter how safe your neighborhood appears to be, you are always at risk of somebody breaking in and taking your valuables. There is also a rise in porch pirates taking packages right off of your porch or front steps as well.

Securing your home doesn’t mean having a top of the line security system if you can’t afford one. There are many inexpensive options to keep intruders out and give you peace of mind in the process.

In this article, I will go over several ways you can protect your home without spending a fortune. 

1 – Install a smart camera

Though you can spend quite a bit of money on an outdoor camera that connects to your other devices, you can also do so on a budget. These cameras don’t cost nearly as much as they used to thanks to advances in the tech used in the software.

The way that they work is that they detect motion within a certain distance from them. That not only activates the camera, but it sends an alert to a connected device like your smartphone. 

Now you can see in real time exactly what is happening outside your home. Understanding your home alarm system is simpler than ever by using this technology. 

2 – Don’t post on social media

One way to make sure you can avoid a break in is completely free. And that is to avoid advertising to a potential thief that you are out of your house and on vacation. 

You may want to show off your beach pictures as they happen to your friends and family, but anybody could be seeing those pictures and realize that your house is easy pickings if they act quickly.

Not only should you not tell people on social media, but only tell people in your neighborhood that you are asking to go feed your pets or water the plants for you while you’re gone.

3 – Don’t add pet doors

You and your pets may love the idea of having a pet door installed for convenience. After all, who wants to get up in the middle of the night to let the dog out to do his duty? You know how else loves those doors? Thieves do.

You can install all the security you want but it is wasted by adding this enormous vulnerability into your home. 

Just take your pets out when they need to go out and enjoy knowing that a thief can’t get in so easily through that pet door.

4 – Keep it well lit

People will not want to try sneaking around a house that is well lit or has motion detecting lighting. If you have your car in a driveway, then lights around it are a good idea. A car is the most likely target if your house seems like it has a solid security system. 

Pathways and doorways are obvious spots to light up, but don’t forget about the area around the bushes in front of the house if you have any. Target areas where a thief would hide if a light were to turn on suddenly, or a person were to walk by or look out a window. 


No matter what type of security system you may have, these are all things you should be doing anyway. Make a checklist to also check locks or use smart locks so you never have any doors left open without knowing. 

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