Home Security Trends in 2019

When it comes to looking for a new home to buy, you need to be extra mindful about your wellbeing. For this reason, you need to know the latest technologies in home security systems that help to guarantee the safety of your home and your family.

So, here are some of the security trends that will help you protect your loved ones and your property as well.


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Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

The wide-scale implementation of AI and machine learning technology has been making airwaves in the home security industry. With the help of the rapid innovation in this field, security systems will have the capabilities to monitor any unusual happenings within your home autonomously and take the required precautions based on the activities. As explained in csoonline.com, artificial intelligence will bolster home security solutions. If you want to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning certification then learn all these latest technologies from Intellipaat.

The Advent of Multipurpose Detectors Capable of Multitasking

The security sensors used some years back were designed to handle one or two tasks. Nevertheless, this is slowly changing with the advent of multipurpose detectors that can perform several tasks simultaneously without being overloaded. Typically, the security devices will perform various functions such as motion sensing, air quality detection, identifying environment conditions, sound monitoring, and ambient light detecting.

Smart Video Surveillance That Surpasses the Basics

Currently, video surveillance is a widely used security measure to protect both commercial and residential properties across the world. The law enforcers always use video footage to identify suspects, and this has proven to be an effective means to solve a crime. Smart view surveillance surpasses the basics by adopting advanced sensor technology like face recognition, and package detection.

On-Demand Video Reconnaissance Search

Collecting surveillance videos is just a single aspect of the surveillance procedure to guarantee your home is protected. Nevertheless, for you to make the surveillance footage usable, the reviewing of the content must be easy. Tech-companies such as Google provide other technologies and APIs that helps in searching video content.

However, the future technology will allow homeowners to search surveillance footage in an on-demand basis, emphasizing on the most relevant content as specified by the user.

The Advent of a Biometric Identification System for Homes

Biometric identification is an automated system that can identify a person with the help of specific markers and patterns. So, this can be the individual’s fingerprints, palm prints, face or retina. The automated system will compare the designs to the once on its database to get an accurate identification. The technology is being adapted to the home security industry to add another layer to the security of your loved ones and home.

Mobile IoT Security Gadgets with 5G Capability

The Internet of Things comprised a broad range of technologies that are combined with the aim of connecting the whole world into a single network that utilizes high-speed internet. Nevertheless, the implementation of this technology has been slow because of the restrictions available on linking gadgets wirelessly on long distances. However, this will change in 2019 due to the advent of 5G network, and it will revolutionize the home security industry.

Technologies and Services that Emphasize on Children Safety and Security

As a parent, the protection and safety of your kids is undeniably your top priority. But with their busy lives, parents don’t have enough time to look after their kids every time. This is where smart home security systems that are designed to safeguard kids comes in handy. It comes with features like security authentication of nuns to make sure your kids are safe.

Security Homes

Note that home security and smart homes were not the same things but the current era has made them one thing. Now it is called security automation. The gadgets in home automation can also help in enhancing your home security.

A good example is a smart plug. Lifewire.com explains that a smart plug is a power receptacle that is plugged into an electrical outlet and integrates into your home automation network. They allow you to switch on and off different home appliances to save cash and control your house even when away.


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Geo Fencing

Geo fencing is the newest idea in the home security systems. The technology builds a geographical boundary to allow automating disarming or arming your security system. You can set the alarm system to follow your prompts. You will able to shift to various kinds of modes depending on your convenience. So, you can create a Home, Away or Work mode. You can have specialized settings for each mode. On the home mode, the security system can be disarmed, your lights can be switched on and your music radio can be on.


Technology is changing at a fast rate, and this has an impact on the security system. Currently, technology lets you use your smartphone remotely to allow your visitors in your house or switch off the stove. Home security technology plays a vital role in helping you make security systems secure and efficient. Get ready to protect your loved ones and home with these home security trends.

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