4 Great Career Choices in 2021

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If you are soon to be finishing your academic education and are wondering what you are going to do with your life, career wise, there are, of course unlimited options regarding gainful employment. There is new tech coming out almost daily, and with that in mind, here are 4 career paths that certainly have a future in this digital world.

  1. White Glove Logistics – This is a booming sector that handles the final mile delivery and installation of hi-tech equipment. There is a lot of study with this field, as you constantly need training to work on new equipment and must be approved by the manufacturer. It isn’t just anyone who can install an MRI scan machine, which is just one of the types of equipment these technicians work with. ATMs, vending machines and touch screen information boards are all the domain of the white glove technician, who works for Rhenus High Tech, one of the UK’s leading white glove specialists.
  2. Robotics – The field of robotics is exploding with talent, as undergraduates move into this exciting sector, which is expected to enjoy a steady boom as we merge AI with the robots we build, changing our lives forever. You will need to excel in the sciences and be able to handle some advanced math from time to time, plus you will be working with AI run software that automates the processes. If you have some mechanical talent and like to build things, this could be the career for you and check out the universities and colleges to see what courses they run concerning robotics. Of course, there are jobs that have been created by Covid-19, as this article points out.
  3. Blockchain Developer – Of course, code writers are always in great demand and blockchain technology is the future. You can start writing some basic code at school and get to know C++ and Python, which will set you up for blockchain development. An experienced blockchain developer makes big bucks and they are very much sought after and will be for a long time to come. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin run on a blockchain, a decentralised, open-ledger system that is apparently hack-proof. Soon, government around the world will store all citizen data on a blockchain, so no one can steal your identity and the days of presenting a false profile will be over.
  4. Personal Trainer – If you are fit and healthy and enjoy meeting people, why not study for a Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma? Once you are a qualified personal trainer, you can work anywhere in the world, which is very appealing to many young people who would like to see and experience other cultures. There are online fitness instructor schools where you can study the course online, with a choice of full or part time, and this is a very rewarding career, as you help people to set and achieve their fitness goals. Here is some UK government information about working for yourself, which is recommended reading if you wish to work freelance.

Whatever career you choose, it should be something that you have a high level of interest for, as this will motivate you to excel in your career.

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